I Don’t Owe Anybody An Explanation About My Divorce – Stella Seal

I Don’t Owe Anybody An Explanation About My Divorce – Stella Seal

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Unlike some personalities who make known reasons behind their divorce, Stella Aba Seal has said she kept them to herself because she owes nobody an explanation.

The gospel musician whose marriage hit the rocks 22 years ago said she will not run to the media and grant interviews about her private life whether as a therapy or a quest to destroy her former husband.

Aside the fact that people come across as caring but in actual fact, they do not, the songstress posited that it is awkward to speak ill about someone she shared a bed with, particularly when they have children.

“It is part of life, it happens. I’m not going to apportion blame; it takes two to tango,” she said when asked what would make a man leave her considering how lovely and affable she is. 

Stella Seal appearing on ‘Restoration with Stacy’ as a guest said she kept news of her divorce from the public for a decade. 

“The first time I broke the news was on Bola Ray’s show. He said ‘awww… Stella, I’m so sorry…’ I said ‘oh Bola, it’s been 10 years’; he said ‘what!’. 

“As much as I’m public, I try to keep private. Now when people are coughing, they put it online. What kind of life is this? You can give out as much as information as you allow… I don’t owe anybody explanation. I don’t have to grant interviews talking about it. No, when I was getting married, there was no one there and I don’t need to explain. I’m not under interrogation. I’ve not been arrested and even when you’re arrested, they’ll renew your right – ‘you have the right to remain silence…’” she stated.

Stella Seal offered a piece of advice to all, stressing that there is the need to be circumspect about what one puts in the public domain.

“Your private life is your private life. Keep it private,” she urged. “A simple argument in marriage and people make it public. To be honest with you, they [the people you’re telling] don’t care. They do not care. It’s a topic for discussion on radio but they don’t care. They’re minding their business.”

Watch the full interview below!

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