I Have Never Dated Any Lady In Ghana’s Movie Industry – Kweku Elliott

I Have Never Dated Any Lady In Ghana’s Movie Industry – Kweku Elliott

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Actor Kweku Elliott says he has never dated any female colleague in Ghana’s movie industry before and he has no intention of doing that even in the future.

In an exclusive with NEWS-ONE on Friday, he disclosed that he simply does not want to date anyone in showbiz.

Elliott, who left the UK in 2006 to Ghana to pursue an acting career, is currently one of the thriving actors around. He landed his first paid gig in 2011 shooting a popular commercial for Vodafone Ghana. He then debuted in Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Single & Married’ and has since acted in movies such as ‘Purple Rose’, ‘If You Were Mine’, ‘Devil In A Dress’, ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, ‘Sin City’ and others.

Below is the entire interview with Kweku Elliott:

What’s new with Kweku Elliott?

Kweku Elliott is somewhat enjoying his talent of being a thriving thespian.

What new project are you working on?

‘Home Sweet Home – Next Generation’ by Revele Films. I am starring together with Elaine Attoh, Evelyn Addo, Andrew Tandoh and a host of new and budding actors. I expect it to be showing on our TV screens soon.

How is it different from your previous productions?

It is not so much of a difference, but what I can say is with Revele, they thrive on professionalism, a very well-organised production outfit that leaves no stones unturned. In turn, it makes the cast, especially me, as the lead character put professionalism first in all my time with them.

Is it a dream come true production for you?

I would not say a dream come true per say, but definitely a stepping stone to greatness. ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a TV series that caught the attention of Ghanaians some years back on our TV screens, it had a great cast and great story line, this next generation has no shortage of that. And with its recognition, I hope it sends my talent beyond the shores of Ghana to create more opportunities for me.

How demanding is it and what role are you playing?

Very demanding. My character is a family man with four kids and a very interesting wife. I play the role of a pastor who deals with religious issues and controls a family with many teenagers in it. You can figure the rest out when you watch; I do not want to be a spoiler.

How true are claims you have been rejecting scripts?

I do not necessarily reject scripts. As versatile as I am as an actor, some stories just don’t sit right with you, your instincts kick in and say, Kweku, you can do this but this other person can do the same and maybe better. So, I turn to reject but recommend someone else if need be. I cannot do all and everything; it just depends on whether I can deliver the right way or not. You also have to put some thought beyond your dream role and think about the kinds of productions you would like to be a part of, the kinds of teams/cast mate you would like to work with, and the kinds of scripts that will motivate you and set you on fire.

What will make you reject a role or script?

The story plays an important role. It has to be challenging for me. If it has typecast written all over it, I am likely to reject. Additionally, if it does not align with my morals and integrity, I most likely will reject it. It is my name, face, reputation and my brand that I am continuously building. Overall, I ultimately have to be comfortable with the project.

Do you think the industry has experienced some growth since you started?

I have been in the industry pushing close to seven years; it takes persistence to have a life in this business. I can confidently say there is more room for improvement; it’s on a downer now because personally I think we lack distribution ports, lack of local cinemas to allow us to showcase our prowess, funding and a dysfunctional guild. However, I believe all is not lost; it will take us ourselves to make this work for the right reasons. Take the bull by the horns and put reforms in place to make it attractive for investors to take us seriously and help us grow further.

Have you ever dated anyone in the movie industry before?

No, I have not dated anyone in the industry. And why? Because I only turn up to do my job and leave. Platonic relationship is all I have with my fellow female co-actors.

You were married before? What happened? Any advice to new couples?

Yes, I have been married before, unfortunately it ended, and it was an amicable decision taken by both parties. Any advice? Just concentrate on your marriage and leave the outside noise to the noisemakers. Love is what got you into the marriage. Commitment and communication is key to making your relationship sustainable.

Recently, an actress made a statement that actresses have been recycling the same men. Can we say same about male actors?

As a male actor, I take up a script, put a price tag, get on set, deliver at my best until the job is done. I can’t speak for my male colleagues. We all live life with the choices we make.

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