I Never Had Any Deal With Any Russian Promoter – Sarkodie On $12k Lawsuit

I Never Had Any Deal With Any Russian Promoter – Sarkodie On $12k Lawsuit

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A member of Sarkcess Music, Angel has responded to the $12,000 lawsuit a Russian promoter slapped on Sarkodie for failing to appear for a gig in Russia during his European tour.

Speaking to Happy FM’s DJ Iyce on phone Angel explained that Sarkodie had no deal with the Russian promoter who was suing them.

“We have never had any deal with any Russian promoter.” Angel said on the Showbiz Xtra hosted by Dr Cann. “The tour had been in the hands of one French guy.

He was the only person we dealt with and he was the tour manager. He told us where our next show was every time. We haven’t dealt with anybody to know that we were supposed to be in Russia.

The only thing was that Russia was one of the places we had to go but we couldn’t acquire a visa from Paris. We were able to acquire London visa from Accra, but we couldn’t acquire it here and we couldn’t acquire it in Paris too.

We didn’t deal with him directly. Sarkodie would never take someone’s money and not show up; it’s not possible. He hasn’t taken anybody’s money and we haven’t talked to any Russian guy.

We don’t have a deal with a Russian guy; we have a deal with a French guy who had a deal with the Russian guy. Regardless, if it’s a suit, we will go to court. If we go to court and we have to pay him 12,000, we will pay him 12,000.”

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