I Proposed To My Ex-boyfriend – Efia Odo

I Proposed To My Ex-boyfriend – Efia Odo

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In a typical African setting, it is rare and unconventional for a woman to propose to a man as women who propose to men are mostly tagged as “desperate and cheap”.

Women who propose to men are very much aware that they’re going against traditional gender norms but actress, Efia Odo doesn’t consider it as a wrong journey to embark on.

Born Andrea Owusu, the screen goddess said, she proposed to her ex-boyfriend, Reveloe, the first time she had a verbal interaction with him.

According to her, even though she had met him on two occasions, they didn’t exchange any pleasantries so the first time she was lucky to have a chat with him, she declared her feelings to him.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on the Atuu show on UTV, Efia Odo stated that, “I met him through my friend, I met him one or two times before but didn’t exchange words. A friend celebrated her birthday and we met again at Signature and then we were chilling, and he came around, so I took the opportunity to propose to him”.

“I don’t see anything wrong with proposing to a man you find attractive, he is a nice guy and I had to tell him how I feel. The feeling was also mutual,” she added.

She further stated that, she started her relationship with Reveloe with a positive mindset but his inability to express himself when issues came up, could be classified as the course to their parting.

Efia Odo, who insisted that she was untouched by cautions from friends against her then-lover, said despite controversies surrounding him, the major reason for their relationship drama was his lack of communication.

She said, “Even though Rev had his family, that wasn’t the reason for our break up.”

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