I was a better wee smoker than Lazy Dog – Lord Kenya

I was a better wee smoker than Lazy Dog – Lord Kenya

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Former “rap heavy weight champion,” Lord Kenya has confessed to being a “better wee smoker than his colleague rapper and now Pastor, Lazy Dog.

Lord Kenya now turned an evangelist revealed that he was addicted to alcohol for about 14 years before God saved and called him to the altar.

He said a lot of Ghanaian entertainers that he used to smoke and engaged in all the bad practices with are still in it and it is his prayer that God will deliver them from it.

Lord Kenya was speaking in an exclusive interview Abusua fm’s Ike De-Unpredictable on Sunday morning.

“I was an alcoholic for about 14 years…I did cocaine for about 12 or 11 years. ….One way or the other, I started selling my cars and properties. I lost most of my money and when I look back now, I wish I had seen Christ earlier.”

“It is a fact that some entertainers are doing drugs. It is a fact most of them are doing it. We were doing it together. I was doing weed with some of them and doing cocaine with some. And most of them are now doing it. They are still in there,” Lord Kenya disclosed.

Evangelist Lord Kenya, who revealed recently that some Ghanaian celebrities may be called to do the work of God says he has most of them on his prayer list.

He said, “I used to smoke wee with Lazy Dog, but he was not a good smoker…he comes and goes while I spent my day at the wee smoking base.”


Source: abusuafmonline.com



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