I’m A ‘British Ashanti New Yorker’ – Reggie Rockstone

I’m A ‘British Ashanti New Yorker’ – Reggie Rockstone

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Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian rap legend and his works are boldly written all over Ghana’s music industry. Aside from being a household name, the legendary musician also commands great respect from music lovers in the country.

Both the old and young generations revere him for the impact he has made on Ghana’s music and his introduction of Hiplife music that paved the way for many other artistes and shot them to fame and affluence.

Of course, many people know Reggie Rockstone but just as the adage goes “behind every successful man, there is a woman”; so behind Reggie Rockstone‘s success, there is a man.

Speaking in an interview with Nkonkonsa on YouTube, Reggie Rockstone recounted the immense contributions of his late father Ricky “Ricci” Ossei (Saint Ossei), a renowned fashion designer.

Not much is known about Ricky’s role in Reggie Rockstone‘s music career and so the musician decided to throw light on what the father did that Ghanaians need to know and acknowledge.

According to him, the late father inspired his music career and was the one who built him a studio to record his music.

He added that the father was also his chief marketer and supported his career. Reggie Rockstone noted that he owes all his music achievements to the late father.

He narrated that when he returned to Ghana from the United States to pursue his music career, his father was the one who suggested he should do Hiplife and in line with his dream, he learned the Twi language so as to make the mark his father set for him.

“English is my first language. I learned to speak Twi…I’m a British Ashanti New Yorker…He told me not to call it Hip Hop. He said stop the foreign life; let’s do a hybrid; Hip Hop, Highlife and we got Hiplife. It was my father and myself. He was very good to me.”

He further added he is proud to inherit the legacy of his father.

“Shatta Wale said I live in my father’s house. It’s true. I am staying in my father’s house. I am Dada B Original…I inherited my father and just like our President lives in his father’s house. Where does Shatta Wale think his children will stay when he dies?”

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Peace FM



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