I’m A Fool, I’ve Gone For Another Woman With Big Buttocks – Funny Face

I’m A Fool, I’ve Gone For Another Woman With Big Buttocks – Funny Face

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Comedian Funny Face has confessed that he is simply addicted to women with huge backsides and nothing can change that.

That addiction, while it has brought him troubles and pain, he has no plans of putting a stop to going after women who are well endowed.

Funny Face, born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, speaking in an interview on 3FM’s Sunrise with Alfred Ocansey admitted that he is a “fool” for constantly liking buttocks over intellect when it comes to women.

The numerous issues with his marriage, he said, “is as a result of chasing a particular something and that something I will never stop because if I marry an extremely slim girl with no shape… I will cheat…” so he is going for “what I like so I can be faithful.”

“Everybody in Ghana knows I like shape…” and that “it is still causing me problems…why will I stop? I can’t stop…You are a fool because if you are doing something and the thing is affecting you, stop it…I’ve gone to take another one,” Funny Face admitted.

The comedian, who is also a musician and actor, last month recorded several videos revealing the torrent of bad luck and drama that have befallen his marriages.

In one of his posts, Funny Face admitted that one of the main mistakes in choosing a partner is his love for huge backsides and not the intelligence or other qualities of the woman.

After taking to social media to attack actors Kalybos, Lilwin, and Bismark The Joke, accusing them of constantly peddling falsehood about him, the actor is having serious challenges at home too.

Funny Face, who was described by his ex-wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim in September 2017 as a two-minute man, welcomed twins with his current wife about a year ago.

A year after that, the comedian revealed that his wife is pregnant again and they expecting another set of twins.

Ordinarily, that would have been some good news for Funny Face but in a shocking twist of events, the actor revealed that his wife has run away with his twins.

When Alfred Ocansey probed to find out about his wife and kids, the comedian declined to talk about his family “because of the children I want to keep some things private” hoping the kids find out themselves when they grow up.

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