‘I’m Not Sure Shatta Wale’s Proposal To Me Was Real Or For showbiz’ – Shatta Michy

‘I’m Not Sure Shatta Wale’s Proposal To Me Was Real Or For showbiz’ – Shatta Michy

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Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, known in Showbiz as Shatta Michy, who has a child with music icon Shatta Wale has stated that she is not sure whether the proposal from her ex-boyfriend on stage during the ‘Reign’ concert and album launch at the Fantasy Dome on October 13, 2018, was for real or for showbiz.

“If it was for showbiz, I would have appreciated being told so I can make the thing ‘gya’ [hyped it] but not being taken for a fool in front of a lot of people,” Shatta Michy said when she appeared on United Showbiz on UTV Saturday, February 20, 2021.

She explained that she once told Shatta Wale that he could have at least told her that he wanted to propose to her for showbiz purposes so that she could have prepared well for the occasion to which Shatta Wale responded that he was serious with the proposal.

“The doubts came from how bad the relationship was after the proposal, and then after it went totally soar, other people got information that they spewed out,” Shatta Michy said further.

At the ‘Reign’ concert and the launch of the ‘Reign’ album, the couple surprised their fans.

On the night, Shatta Wale joined Shatta Michy on stage midway through her performance and asked her to marry him.

A visibly shocked Michy hugged Shatta Wale who later kissed her passionately while their three-year-old son, Majesty, wandered on the stage.

“I want people to accept me for me, not tag me to that brand even though I have been a part of the story. I just want to be known for me, it is like owning my brand. I have been a part of the story, building the empire” she said on the stage at the time.

That attempt at a proposal and reconciliation followed news of a breakup after Shatta Wale had allegedly assaulted Michy.

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