I’m The Undisputed Originator Of Hip-life – Reggie Rockstone

I’m The Undisputed Originator Of Hip-life – Reggie Rockstone

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There have been numerous arguments and controversies about who originated the Hiplife music genre in Ghana.

While some hail the legendary rapper Reggie Rockstone as the one who birthed Hiplife, others also think it’s veteran musician Gyedu Blay Ambulley.

Since the truth has to be known to prevent Ghana’s music history from being distorted, especially as young generations crop up; Ghana’s award winning entertainment blog Nkonkonsa caught up with Reggie Rockstone on Monday, June 8, 2020 to set the records straight.

The question is who is the true originator behind Hiplife music in Ghana and the continent of Africa? Is it Reggie Rockstone or Gyedu Blay Ambulley or any other person nobody knows?

Nkonkonsa crew sought to find out from the rap legend.

In his response, Reggie Rockstone took Ghanaians down memory lane from when he returned from the United States to establish the Hiplife culture in Ghana.

According to him, his late father Ricci Ossei ( Saint Ossei), a renowned fashion designer inspired his music career and was the one who suggested the name Hiplife to him.

”He told me not to call it Hip Hop. He said stop the foreign life; let’s do a hybrid; Hip Hop, Highlife and we got Hiplife. It was my father and myself.”

He therefore wondered why people are trying so hard to peddle falsehood when they know ”I am the originator, undisputable. You can go up, down, left, right or center, you will not find an iota of proof from anyone of them showing anyone. They claim it’s Gyedu Blay Ambulley Uncle but when you ask Uncle Gyedu Blay Ambulley, he will tell I had to name it Hiplife”, he emphasized.

He added that he made Hiplife attractive; ”…I laugh when they’re fighting over the name because it’s not the name that made it relevant. It was the work behind the name.”

Reggie Rockstone also touted the impact of Hiplife in Ghana to refute claims by musicians like Shatta Wale who think Hiplife has become extinct in the country’s music industry.

”Hiplife has done almost everything from radio to television, employment. I mean look at the music. Look at the soundtrack to the country; I mean we have a colorful collage of artistes today, from Patapaa to you name it. You know all of these kids are employed now. People are employed. You look at my brother Dr. Duncan; Bola Ray had a huge hand in Hiplife. You ask him about his humble beginnings, Hiplife will be up there”, he said.

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