‘It Is Offensive To Say I Sing Like Wendy Shay And Ebony’ – Iona Reine

‘It Is Offensive To Say I Sing Like Wendy Shay And Ebony’ – Iona Reine

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Fast-rising musician, Iona Reine, has once again rubbished suggestions that she sounds like the late Ebony Reigns and Wendy Shay.

Appearing on Rainbow Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, she said it is offensive for anyone to compare her craft to Wendy Shay and Ebony Reigns.

According to her, she is unique in her own way and talented.

She was responding to an opinion expressed by Chris Tsormanah who was also on the show.

He had opined that the musician sounded like Wendy Shay in two of her latest tracks she has released from her EP set to be released next month namely ‘Obra’ and ‘Somiha’.

Iona Reine said these opinions do not worry her because she believes in herself.

Meanwhile, the host DJ Slash asked her not to be worried about such comments.

He told her that it is not a bad thing if she is compared to Ebony Reigns.

He described the late Ebony Reigns as a talented musician who competed fiercely with her male counterparts hence being compared to her comes with honour.

He asked her to develop a thick skin for such comments and concentrate on her craft.

Iona Reine says her main target to fly the flag of Ghana internationally because she has what it takes.

Iona Reine added that although she has heard people likening her to the late Ebony Reigns in terms of looks, she believes everyone was born with his or her own unique abilities, so people should focus on her talents.

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