It Was A Mistake Dragging Stonebwoy Into Song Theft Saga – Mr Drew

It Was A Mistake Dragging Stonebwoy Into Song Theft Saga – Mr Drew

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Musician Mr Drew believes that he shouldn’t have dragged dancehall artiste Stonebwoy into his alleged song theft saga.

According to him, it was a slip-up bringing up Stonebwoy’s name in the ensuing drama about his ‘Eat’ song which has been taken down from YouTube for copyright infringement.

Mr Drew is alleged to have suggested in interviews that Stonebwoyknew the song, which he featured on, was going to be hit with the copyright infringement strike.

After the dancehall artiste has expressed his displeasure about the comments, the young musician met Stonebwoy to resolve the issue. The meeting was attended by Mr Drew, Kaywa, CEO of Highly Spiritual, Stonebwoy and Cwesi Oteng.

“It was my mistake to mention him in any of my conversations so I had to meet with the label and then we had to go see him settle things. We don’t wanna have problems with anybody else so we had to settle,” he told MzGee in an interview on TV3 New Day.

“…for Stonebwoy he loves Ghanaian music he wants everybody to go forward,” the ‘Dw3’ hit singer added.

The ‘Eat’ song was taken down from YouTube and other platforms after a Ghanaian had drawn ‘Power’ series star Rotimi’s attention to the fact that someone had stolen his ‘Love Riddin’ song.

Asked where the issue stands presently, Mr Drew said he is in touch with Rotimi and “something can happen” but he won’t divulge the details. “I text him, he replies, he texts me, I reply.”

When MzGee probed further to find out how come they recorded the song, the Highly Spiritual signee explained that “it was my manager and he said let’s do a cover of the song” and Keywa didn’t know about it.

According to Mr Drew, “the information wasn’t enough that it was a cover” and that he didn’t know the song had been monetized.

This won’t be the first time Mr Drew is being accused of stealing someone’s song. Early last year, Kurl Songx accused him of stealing his ‘Dw3’ song.

Responding to the claim, Mr drew said “the dent yeah it’s there but I believe whatever it is, time will tell…whatever they are saying time will tell and prove them wrong…at the end of the day, it’s my music that speaks, it’s the brand Mr Drew that people are going to remember.”

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