Joyce Blessing’s Husband Clashes With Her Former Manager Over Jullie Jay-Kanz Brouhaha

Joyce Blessing’s Husband Clashes With Her Former Manager Over Jullie Jay-Kanz Brouhaha

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Dave Joy, husband of Joyce Blessing launched a scathing attack on Kwasi Ernest for a comment the former executive producer passed on the brouhaha between the gospel musician and her former publicist Jullie Jay-Kanz.

Kwasi Ernest, boss of Media Excel, making a submission on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, was appalled by the seemingly unperturbed posture of the leadership of the Creative Arts Council, Musicians Union of Ghana and other bodies as regards the feud between his former artiste Joyce Blessing and Jullie Jay-Kanz.

He asserted that the scuffle between the gospel musician and her former publicist could be solved amicably if the aforementioned and other prominent personalities showed keen interest.

He expressed discontent over how the issue has escalated and was unhappy about how Joyce Blessing‘s husband and Jullie Jay-Kanz have denied her access to her social media accounts.

Kwasi’s remarks triggered a reaction from Dave Joy as he fumed with rage.

“Have you ever called me as regards this issue? Why then do you sit on radio and speak in that manner? Tell the whole world if you have called me on this matter. You do not like my wife more than I do. I have children with her so don’t paint that picture,” a furious Dave Joy said.

“I respect you so much; don’t push me because you’re to blame for all these. If you had called me and Joyce, the issue would have been settled by now. You rather were calling only Joyce. Do not throw dust in the eyes of the public. I’m disappointed in you,” Dave Joy added.

Solidifying his point, Dave recounted having an interaction with Kwasi Ernest at the initial stage of the marital issues and mentioned that the latter promised to call him but never did. 

“You met Jullie Jay and cursed her. You said you’d ‘mafia’ her. It’s on my phone. You threatened the lady that you’d end her life. Why are you taking sides?” Dave Joy wondered.

In rebuttal, Kwasi Ernest could not fathom why he should be blamed for the misfortune.

“I don’t see why I should be blamed. But I take the blame because it was through me that Joyce Blessing because Joyce Blessing. If I had produced someone else or used my resources for something else, nobody would have blamed me for anything…” Kwasi Ernest stated.

The back and forth comes after Joyce Blessing cursed Jay-Kanz for allegedly thwarting her progress despite making demands and subsequently receiving them. The singer accused Jay-Kanz of being behind the reason her contents keep getting flagged on YouTube and Instagram and warned her to desist from the act or face God’s wrath.

“Juliana Ntiamoah, that is your name, the way you will suffer, it will affect your entire generation. I have done you no wrong, whatever you asked for has been paid to you. This curse will manifest heavily on your life because I have done you no wrong, yet you want to cause me pain…” she said in the audio.

Meanwhile, Dave Joy has said he has not given Joyce Blessing the social media credentials because she has denied him access to their children. 




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