Joyce Blessing’s Marriage Broke Down After She Cheated With Her Gym Instructor – Jullie Jay

Joyce Blessing’s Marriage Broke Down After She Cheated With Her Gym Instructor – Jullie Jay

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Gospel musician Joyce Blessing and husband’s marriage breakdown became the subject of discussion some months ago.

News came out that their marriage broke down as a result of infidelity on both sides.

It went rife that Joyce Blessing cheated on her husband with her gym instructor whose name we only know as Prince.

Dave Joy, the ex-husband of Joyce Blessing was also rumoured to be having an affair with his wife’s publicist, who’s identified as Jullie Jay-Kanz. It was alleged she stabbed Joyce and snatched her husband, Dave Joy.

Amid their marital fracas, Joyce Blessing had gone forward to tell her husband who also doubles as her manager that she wants to walk out of their marriage.

Joyce who has three children with her husband was rumoured to have told him that she has no love for him again and it would be in their own interest if they could just go their separate ways.

Joyce Blessing, following her marital issues with now estranged husband and former manager, claims her ex-husband and former publicist in the person of Jullie Jay-Kanz are sabotaging her.

According to her, they have teamed up to ruin her career. She said both of them have taken full ownership of all her social media accounts which she used and has massive followers.

To make matters worse, as Joyce’s asserts, Dave Joy and Julie Jay asked her to pay a huge amount of money (GHC30,000) before her social media accounts will be handed over to her.

In the midst of these happenings, Dave Joy came out to speak on the issue. He made lots of revelations about how the whole issue started and where it has gotten to.

The latest development of the story is here. Joyce Blessing’s publicist- Jullie Jay-Kanz has broken her silence through a press statement.

Jullie Jay-Kanz has finally come out to speak, explaining her side of the story and has debunked allegations that were levelled against her by Joyce Blessing amid her marital issues with now estranged husband.

Coming in very hard, Jullie Jay-Kanz confirmed Joyce Blessing’s affair with her gym instructor, Prince.

According to her, the ‘I Swerve’ hit-maker was in a secret sexual relationship with Prince.

This, she averred was the cause of their divorce. Jullie Jay strongly trashed claims that she had an affair with Joyce Blessing’s former Manager, Dave Joy.

In the lengthy press statement in an address to the issue at hand, Jullie Jay noted that she has not in any way taken full charge of Joyce Blessing‘s social media pages as she claims.

She revealed that she has no hand in her social media handles issues as she has handed over the logins of all her pages to her husband.

A part of her press release reads; “I currently do not have access to any of her social media pages as she has alleged. I would entreat her to settle issues with her husband to retrieve her pages and leave me out of their troubles”.

Read Below the full statement:

“September 03 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

My attention has been drawn to a video of Akosua Twene popularly known as Joyce Blessing circulating on social media attributing me (Jullie Jay-Kanz) of having her YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. She has previously associated my name and brand to her broken marital home, fabricated fake stories of me trying to blackmail her and others.

With regards to the above subject matter, I would want to make clarifications by stating the following:

Akosua Twene (Joyce Blessing) and her husband/manager David Adu- Gyamfi (Dave Joy) engaged my services as a social media manager on March 2017. We agreed on an amount to be paid to me monthly for the services. She didn’t have social media pages as at that time and so I had to create new pages and work proceeded.

1 year later, we came to another agreement that I will be given 10% of any revenue netted from Joyce Blessing’s brand. This was because I was begged by Joyce Blessing and Her husband/manager Dave Joy to take up other tasks (publicist, brand manager, (Secretary for their private companies), Road Manager and Personal assistant) to help promote her brand and ministry, and to support them with their private businesses.

I considered the love I have for Joyce and her family and agreed to support her brand and ministry with the agreement we previously had in mind. I worked more than hard to support a sister’s brand and ministry and with astonishing speed. The results have been evident within these few years. During these times I was never paid any salary for all the strenuous tasks because Joyce Blessing and her husband made me understand that they are financially Unstable and would fulfil their promises when things get better.

We Were able to gather some money and in addition to what we earned from a record deal, we again agreed we would use that to purchase a house so they could move from their residence which they had rented. I didn’t take any percentage from that money because Joyce was pregnant at that period and needed a sound mind. They then asked me to move from where I stayed to live with them in their new house for the reason that theoretically, my money was involved.

Early last year, Joyce started making mention of divorce in most of her conversations so I advised her as a little sister to have a second thought about her decision to divorce her husband considering how it was going to adversely affect her brand as a gospel musician.

According to Joyce, she said she was fed up with marriage and didn’t love her husband anymore. I have had several misunderstandings with her concerning her decision because I was scared it was going to have a dent on her brand but she wouldn’t listen. If she would speak the truth, she would testify the number of times I have shed tears because of her divorce plans. November last year, she finally divorced her husband and told us to work as a team so no one would notice it. We were still the best of friends.

Fast forward, in March 2020, she came to my room one evening to accuse me of feeding our maid with her secrets about one gym trainer guy she was dating. The interesting thing is that she didn’t know that all this while everyone in the house was aware of her relationship with the guy. The maid is a friend to the gym trainer’s girlfriend so she was receiving complaints from her. Out of shame, she had to pour her anger on me and her husband that we betrayed her. The maid kept fabricating stories about me to complicate issues I knew nothing about. I remember how Joyce removed her bathroom slippers and threw it at me when I tried defending myself in one of the instances.

Joyce asked me to leave the house and agreed to compensate me with an amount of money for the sacrificial work I did for her, including monies she had borrowed from me after divorce, but later called me when I had left that she was not going to pay anything.

She asked bloggers to come and fabricate stories about me that I snatched her husband from her to tarnish my image knowing very well that she was actually the one who divorced him. She asked me for her social media handles on 17th May 2020 and told me she had parted ways with me. I considered the love I have for her and handed over the logins to her and her husband and even called her to meet me so I help her log in. She refused to show up. Surprisingly, she created new pages and created an impression that I have teamed up with her husband to seize her old account from her.

She had seized my belongings and prevented me from picking them from her house since March 2020. She only allowed me to pick them just last Wednesday, 26th August. The nasty scene that happened when I went to pick up my belongings from her house is another chapter I would not even want to talk about.

I currently do not have access to any of her social media pages as she has alleged. I would entreat her to settle issues with her husband to retrieve her pages and leave me out of their troubles.

I would want to also state that there’s no truth in a story that circulated that I wanted to blackmail her with an amount of GHC 30,000. I did not also leak any videos of Joyce Blessing in a fight with her sister in law. I wasn’t even at the scene when she visited the house to fight them.

Joyce Blessing has always been a sister and considering this, I advised myself not to say much to complicate issues but it looks as if she’s taking advantage of my calm demeanour and its unfortunate things are happening this way. I am always available and she can count on me for support with regards to her music and ministry. I wish her all the best in her musical journey.


Jullie Jay-Kanz”

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