Killbeatz’s manager in ‘trouble’ over irresponsible reply to feud reports

Killbeatz’s manager in ‘trouble’ over irresponsible reply to feud reports

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Jeffrey Addo, a member of the management team of popular music producer Killbeatz, has seemingly added more fire to the feud between the producer and hiplife artiste, Fuse ODG.

Jeffrey, in his attempt to explain the cause of the current tension between Fuse and Killbeatz, has possibly done more harm than good, according to associates of both parties.

In a report by, Jeffrey in an interview with Zylofon FM had said Fuse could not throw Killbeatz out of his home, as the producer made Fuse who he is today.

Jeffrey added, that it took the intervention of some of mutual friends to convince Killbeatz to work with Fuse.

However, reacting to these comments, another music producer Wei Ye Oteng said, Mr. Addo may have made the situation even worse with his remarks.

According to him, if Fuse ODG was to hear these comments, he would not be please and such a response will be valid, as the Killbeatz manager was wrong with his choice of words.

He stated Fuse had the right to decide what to do with his own house as the property belongs to him and no one else.

“This guy goofed so much by even saying people had to beg for Killbeatz to work with Fuse. When greatness is achieved, all these things are nothing to write home about. Some things should remain between you people… If you don’t know how to talk, don’t talk… He is rather creating a huge enmity between Killbeatz and Fuse,” Oteng stated.

Meanwhile, another popular music producer, Willi Roi has also expressed shock at the comments made by Jeffrey Addo, whom according to Roi, has no knowledge about how management works.

Roi further stated: “For the manager to have said that the guy can’t sack Killbeatz, he doesn’t understand management. He is a ‘damagement’. What he has done is infuriating Fuse. Killbeatz has been so lucky that most of the people he makes beat for, get somewhere therefore raise his brand. And for goodness sake, I don’t know anybody who could have taken Killbeatz that farther than what Fuse did for him. He should revise his notes and know how to present it.”





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