Kumi Guitar`s ‘Brown sugar’ video receives massive acceptance

Kumi Guitar`s ‘Brown sugar’ video receives massive acceptance

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Though he has been on renowned record labels like Slip Music and Sugar Tone`s compilation with great hits and singles, Kumi Guitar never had the opportunity to shoot his own music video.

The few opportunities he had in music videos were just features in other videos but even that was countable and short-lived.

The industry has started treating him well, thanks to a five year signing deal he is enjoying from Zylofon Media.

He shot his first ever video for the song Brown Sugar under Zylofon Music and industry people have accepted it from all angles and points.

So far the video of Brown Sugar is being promoted on all television channels and it`s getting heavy rotation on all the major television channels.

The video that was directed by Zylofon`s in house director Abass has been accepted massively by industry people and views on social media alone is a true indication that the video has been accepted by Ghana`s showbiz industry at large.

The video has over 30000 views within a period of three weeks.

In an interview with Kumi Guitar about the impact he has received on the video, he told media people that the Brown Sugar video has placed a huge task on him because he cannot drop the standards of his subsequent videos.

“Henceforth, everyone expects me to release high standard music videos and I hope to maintain that standard.I also want to appreciate all the television stations helping to make the dream a reality” Kumi noted.



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