Kwaku Manu Bounces Back With Funny Videos

Kwaku Manu Bounces Back With Funny Videos

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For someone who was so prominent in Kumawood, shooting so many movies in a year and making good money, actor Kwaku Manu has now resorted to shooting short funny videos because of the poor state of the local movie industry.

In an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Kwaku Manu said it was no news that the current state of the local movie industry was nothing to write home about, for which reason one had to find other means to stay relevant.

“Generally, the movie industry has gone down and we are praying that it picks up. It is not as vibrant as it used to be and everybody who was involved in it one way or another has been affected and I am no exception,” he said.

According to him, he now spent his time shooting short funny videos with his younger brother Joseph Appiah, popularly known as Filaman.

“We shoot every other day and put them on KwakuManuTV on YouTube and Facebook and it is not doing bad at all,” he explained.

The main cast for the videos are Kwaku Manu himself and Filaman but they have a few others passing through in some of the episodes.

All the stories are written by Kwaku Manu who also doubles as the director. “The feedback has been great so far and we are very happy about it, we hope to do it for a very long time,” he said.

This reporter has seen a number of the videos and must admit that they are really humorous and have the potential of attracting a large following.

For his part, Filaman told Showbiz that he was happy to be working with his elder brother because it was a lot of fun.

“We have so much fun shooting the videos and I am not surprised viewers also enjoy watching them, I guess acting runs through the family,” he said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to go on KwakuManuTV on YouTube and Facebook to watch our videos and they will be glad they did,” he assured.

Kwaku Manu is one of the biggest names to have come out of Kumawood. He is known for movies such as Destined For Doom, Forces Against The Throne, Kwaku The Mechanic, Our Father’s Wealth, Unknown Forces Against My Family, Akoa Nye, Three Idiots, The Two Village Tyrants, Madam Recharge Card, Village Supremacy among others.




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