La Meme Gang Storm UPSA For “Club Shandy Block Out Party ”

La Meme Gang Storm UPSA For “Club Shandy Block Out Party ”

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Talented music group La Mème Gang is set to treat students of the University of Professional
Studies, Accra to an exciting Performances come 3 rd November 2018 from 1pm to 8pm.
The group will perform some of their hit tracks like Yaa baby, Stay woke, Stables, Mad op
among others.
Dubbed “Club Shandy Block Out Party”, the event is connecting with Student of the various
Tertiary students and drive day time sampling”
“We are using La Méme Gang to create more fun and generate awareness” they added.
Live FM and Gh One’s Sheldon, McFly, DJ Endowed, M.O.B, Big Stan will be on deck to
support the serial hitmakers.
There will also be Open bar, Grills, Temporary Tattoo’s, Art exhibitions, Graffiti Paintings and
pose on the Shady Swing.

Club Shandy ‘Bosoe’ is refreshing beverage with a touch of lemon extract which gives it
aninvigorating taste. It has a low alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 2% and appeals to fun
lovers and individuals who generally enjoy their drink with low alcohol content.



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