Life Without God Is Worthless – Ofori Amponsah

Life Without God Is Worthless – Ofori Amponsah

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Ghanaian Highlife musician Samuel Ofori Amponsah, also known by the name Mr All 4 Real, has said that without God, life would seem to be utterly devoid of any real meaning.

He recounted his early days as a devoted Christian who once worshipped with the Abeka District of the Church of Pentecost.

“I worshipped with the Church of Pentecost, Abeka District until I found my new love in writing love songs. I never knew I would become Ofori Amponsah.”

Ofori Amponsah disclosed that he was committed to prayers and fellowshipped with the Christendom before he finally discovered his talent as a Highlife musician.

The Otoolege’ hit singer told Kofi Tv, as a believer, one should be closer to God at all times so that life would not be pointless irrespective of the path one chooses.

“I later discovered that I can write love songs. People didn’t know that I started fellowship before becoming Ofori Amponsah. I love prayers and fellowship. One thing I would like to make clear is that life without GOD is difficult.”

Ofori revealed that his whole life was brought to a standstill because he could not understand why his own friend will treat him that way.

Describing how badly the situation affected him, ‘Mr. All4Real’ said he was heartbroken to an extent, he became a loner and didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone, not even music.

He also established that the incident somewhat revived his faith, adding, he decided to start a church after a prophet advised him to run to God.

“The only thing I could remember at that moment was to pray. I was there one day when a prophet called me and advised me that if I don’t run to God, nothing will work out well for me,” he stated

In 2013, Amponsah made the decision to leave secular music. He released a gospel album in 2014 called The Gospel According to Ofori.

His decision included becoming a pastor. He founded the Family of Faith and Love Ministries to spread the word of God.

It wasn’t long before he switched back to secular music, claiming he would save souls through his love songs.

After announcing his decision to go back to secular music, he began rehearsing and preparing his fans for a new experience and new image for his future performances.

He was reported to have spent a month in seclusion at his home in order to focus on preparing for his stage performances.




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