LISTEN UP: KobbySalm- “Wish I Could Sing”

LISTEN UP: KobbySalm- “Wish I Could Sing”

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Talented Upcoming Urban gospel artist KobbySalm has released his first ever composed gospel song title “Wish I Could Sing”.

“Wish I Could Sing” is a scripted prayer the rapper wrote to God after he was called to his ministry. In the song, the rapper expresses how well he wish he could sing to praise the only man who is worth all his melodies.

“Our Consciousness of our limitations can deter us from attempting to do anything for God.

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The good news is that no matter how incapable we feel, God can use us for something glorious and this is the whole message the song carries”, he said.
The song also shows gratitude to God for the gift of talent(rap) and an assurance of the gift being used to proclaim his goodness.

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KobbySalm switched from secular music to gospel two years ago and ever since he hasn’t looked back. He recorded a cover of the famous “Give myself Away” by William McDowell to formally announce his switch.

After giving himself away to God . He is here wanting to do more for his creator by wishing to sing.

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