Lydia Forson attacks fans over ‘revealing’ outfit

Lydia Forson attacks fans over ‘revealing’ outfit

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One of Ghana’s beautiful actresses, Lydia Forson who is tagged as ‘Miss No nonsense’ has been trending on social media for her outfit at the 2015 Glitz Style Awards held in Accra last weekend.

Miss Forson was seen in what is being described revealing black and white outfit paired with red heels and a clutch bag.

A fan who seemed disturbed with her dressing uploaded her picture on his facebook page with the caption, “Did she really wear that?!!! Auntie Lydia Forson why now?!!! Aisha Asantewaah Salis you see your woman?!!”.

The actress, writer and activist in several messages responding to the fan and his followers did not spare them.

“Ma da kraaaaaa. If you want to see me as your role model that’s your business oh!! Me I’m no one’s role model, I don’t want anyone to look up to me.

And if I go naked what is it to you? Do I come to your house telling you what to do? Or you’re feeding and paying my bills? Mind your DAMN business!! Geez stop being a self righteous twat!!! You’re sticking your tongue out in your picture like a damn prostitute but am I complaining?”, she wrote.

See ‘photos’ to read her full responses to all her critics.




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