Media General Challenge Drew Me In – Mz Gee

Media General Challenge Drew Me In – Mz Gee

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Change is always hard so leaving a place one has worked for a long time for another is always a difficult decision but for media personality Gloria Akpene Acquah popularly known as Mz Gee, the challenge of doing something new drew her to the Media General group.

Mz Gee’s resignation from Multimedia, where she had been since 2014 and had hosted shows on radio and TV took a lot of industry players by surprise and she tells Graphic Showbiz the prospects of Media General looked promising and that attracted her.

“At Multimedia I felt I had hit the ceiling, there was nothing else for me to do, I had done it all so going to a place where I would do radio and television again, knowing that I had been off radio for a while, it looked promising.

“I was not going to start from the scratch, I had built some reputation for myself, so I was happy going to surmount another challenge, I didn’t have a lot to look back on,” she stated.

However, all that did not take away the fact that it was a tough decision for Mz Gee to make.

“I remember how I felt leaving the financial institution I worked at for Multimedia; that feeling came back, it was a tough one. I had people who in my line of work, have motivated me and gone out of their way to make sure my working environment was good and all so it was hard.

“But it didn’t take long for me to make up my mind, I made up my mind within days. In fact I was not the one who broke the news to Multimedia.

“Someone actually dropped the gossip that they had seen me at Media General and heard that I was going there and before I left, the company did everything to make sure I stayed,” she disclosed.

Mz Gee, who is the host of ShowBuzz on 3FM said although she was unsure of what Media General had in store for her, she was excited.

“With all this, I was not sure what my new place had for me, but I was just excited that it was a new challenge so I told myself, why not go there, conquer that place and make yourself proud,” she stated

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