Medikal Is A Good Artiste Ghana Should Support – Obrafour

Medikal Is A Good Artiste Ghana Should Support – Obrafour

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The official creative hub of Ghana, Accrais home to more than 200 talents — and on any regular day in the city, it can feel as though a larger part of the population consists of more musicians jostling for a shot at success.

Afrobeat, as contemporary African musicis classified in foreign spaces, is gaining more recognition as an influential genre and homegrown stars are beginning to experiencecommercial success stateside.

AMG business signed artiste Medikal, is one of such talents in Accra with several hit songs and a giant fanbase but one cannot actually say his position in the music industry is one that is embraced by all. 

Regardless of his rich lifestyle, Medikal has a number of good songs to prove his talent beyond riches.

Born Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, Obrafour, shares a similar opinion by highlighting on a few points that could pivot talents including Medikal to the next level.

A fixture of Sowutuom’s underground hip-hop scene, Samuel Adu Frimpong, a.k.a. Medikal, has been making music since 2008. When he improvised a rap verse as a challenge he shot himself to the top exhibiting versatility with “Connect”. In retrospect, it wasn’t his best work, but he was ready to improve and has subsequently proven beyond doubt that indeed, he has good music for fans with records like, ‘Confirm’, ‘Father,’ ‘Omo Ada’ among others.

Speaking in an interview, Monday, the AMG rapper Medikal was positioned in a comment as one of Ghana’s best exports that deserves more of the country’s attention and support.

For years, many pundits are of the believe that Obrafour gave his “kingship” to rapper Sarkodie when he endorsed his craft but the ‘pae mu ka’ rapper disagrees with the belief saying superstition doesn’t reign when an artiste deserves a good endorsement to grow.

Obrafour lauded Medikal’s effort while speaking about unappreciated talents in Ghana.

“Musicians like Medikal should be given the same endorsement I gave Sarkodie to motivate and foster growth. Medikal is doing brilliantly well, he has good music and if I had the chance to do anything for him, I will not hesitate.”

“We need to show support for those who deserve it, I’m still the best Obrafour Ghana can ever have and that will never change simply because I endorsed Sarkodie as the next king”

“I believe life evolves and everything that has a beginning also has an end…”

“Sarkodie was at his peak to receive my support, and I could do same for Medikal and others.”

Touching on why it’s important to put others up, Obrafour quizzed the pundit;

“Where are the R-Kelly and the Lil Wayne-s now?”

“They’re still the best in the industry but others have taken over and that’s life, this has nothing to do with superstition…”

“I believe I still write my best and no one has or will ever beat my style of writing so we need to put a stop to those superstitious comment and encourage growth in the industry”

Obrafour who speaking on Hitz FM about his upcoming music concert dubbed, “Pae Muka @20 Concert” also revealed that the concert was motivated by his friend and sister, actress Yvonne Nelson.




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