Medikal Saved Fella Makafui’s Name As ‘Carpenter’ – Sister Derby

Medikal Saved Fella Makafui’s Name As ‘Carpenter’ – Sister Derby

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Sister of Wanlov Kubolor, Sister Derby, has been in the news lately after rumours of her break up with rapper Medikal broke.

The rumours say Medikal ditched her for Fela Makafui and Sister Derby has confirmed the rumours in a new “Kakalika Love” song directed at the duo.

“Cockroaches or lizards to be hiding your relationship,” was one of the subtle jabs in the song.

She urged also revealed that Medikal has saved Fela’s name as “Carpenter” on his phone.

Getting to the end of the song, Sister Derby who doubles as an actress disclosed, “You have stored her name carpenter, change mine to plumber.”

Sister Derby said she wasn’t disturbed by their relationship because “Medikal will repeat it with Fela Makafui”.

Parts of her lyrics read: “Don’t lie to me. If you don’t love me respect yourself to tell me. Oh! me I am calm. She [Fela Makafui] didn’t do me any harm because he [Medikal] go take do am,” it read.




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