Meet The Ghanaian Model Blending Fashion With Religion

Meet The Ghanaian Model Blending Fashion With Religion

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As more and more women enter into the world of fashion, make-up and lifestyle, young girls especially Muslims have been urged to embrace the trend and uphold the beauty in their traditional way of dressing with the hijab.

With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from the University of Ghana, 28 year-old Hajia Adiza Bala Faila has ventured into this new trend of modelling, which showcase dress codes to compliment an everyday hijab.

Hajia Adiza is passionate on becoming a model but her parents feared that such a dream could lead her wayward and cause her to dress in a manner that was not suitable for the kind of woman they wanted her to grow up into.

Due to this fear by her parents and her love for fashion, she chose to establish a Modeling House where she could exhibit her God-given talent in fashion and modelling which will not demand her going nude. She believes that she could, by establishing this Modeling House, present to other Muslim ladies who love to venture into something like this but who may also have this as a barrier, the opportunity to showcase their talents whilst observing their religiously recommended concept of dressing which is known as the Hijab.

She also believes she would indirectly popularize the concept of Hijab especially to the non-Muslims thereby curbing the stigma that comes with that kind of dress code. She wants the Muslim women who fear to observe this dress code for fear of stigma and being seen us women who are not good looking to know that one can observe the Hijab and still look good.

Shamfiz J Modeling House is concerned with fashion, modeling and photo shoot advertisement and it is the only Islam inclined Modeling House in Ghana. This will present opportunities to Hijab designers to be able to have a better medium of showcasing their various designs. That is, a Muslimah hijabi model will display hijab a lot better than a non-Muslim model because the former knows what the hijab should be all about and the latter mostly doesn’t.




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