Most Musicians Are On Hard Drugs – Pastor Lord Kenya

Most Musicians Are On Hard Drugs – Pastor Lord Kenya

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Award-winning secular musician turned Christian pastor, Lord Kenya, has said most of Ghana’s musicians are on hard drugs and that he knows this because of his past lifestyle.

“It is a fact that some entertainers are doing drugs. It is a fact most of them are doing it. We were doing it together. I was doing weed with some of them and doing cocaine with some. And most of them are now doing it. They are still in there,” Lord Kenya disclosed during an interview on the Delay Talk Show.

Kenya did not mention the names of the entertainers and musicians he believes are on drugs but said his ministry intercedes for them and is working at helping them turn over a new leaf.

“We invite them to our programmes and we share our testimonies with them and let them know. The problem I had and most of them have now is that you think because you are a star, you can’t serve Christ. The question is that, ‘who gave you the gift and the stardom?’ When we have our programmes we invite most of them. Some come, some don’t. I personally speak to some of them and I intercede for some of them… In those days, I could feel there was something missing in me and after my shows, I would go to my hotel room and cry,” he revealed.

Lord Kenya revealed that at the climax of his career, he was an alcoholic and addicted to hard drugs though he hid it from many of the people around him, including his own wife Gertrude.

The evangelist said without the drugs, he felt very uncomfortable and could not act as a normal person.

“You always try to keep that feeling because if it is not there, you are different. I could not eat, I could not relate and I always wanted it back.

….I was an alcoholic for about 14 years; I did cocaine for about 12 or 11 years. ….One way or the other, I started selling my cars and properties. I lost most of my money and when I look back now, I wish I had seen Christ earlier,” Kenya stated.

Asked if his wife was aware, Kenya said even if she was aware, she kept it to herself perhaps because she dreaded his superstar status.

“She knows I was taking weed. She suspected me for cocaine but did not know about my heroin stuff. I was a smart guy and could just sit in my car and do my thing. I did have a friend who was worried about me, and even suggested that I visit a drug and alcohol rehab in texas in America, but I just ignored him. My wife said nothing, so I thought I was invincible.

“Many of my colleagues were stars; I was a superstar. A superstar is not just about two or three albums. I was having five albums before Christ saved me. Some of the things, she could not have asked me.

“Even my dad could come to my house and when my bodyguards told me he was around, I asked who invited him there. I was crazy and my wife could not have asked me such questions,” he explained.

Kenya said though a chunk of his wealth was dissipated on his lifestyle, he managed to put up two houses: one in Accra and the other in Kumasi.

“I have two houses – one in Accra and one in Kumasi, because I had people around me who loved me – like Michael Crabbe. He was with Graphic Showbiz and we had a joint account. He insisted I used my money for the right things. But he did not even know I was on drugs.”

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