Mr. Beautiful Will Be Struck Down By A Tree – Omane Acheampong

Mr. Beautiful Will Be Struck Down By A Tree – Omane Acheampong

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Gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong, popularly known as Tabitha Kum, has descended heavily on actor Mr. Beautiful.

In an interview with the Delay on the Delay Show, the ‘Zaphnath Paaneah’ hit maker addressed claims by Mr. Beautiful that he had been ungrateful to Rev. Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Church International, after being gifted a car by the man of God.

According to Mr. Beautiful, Omane Acheampong had said the man of God had given a faulty car to him as a present.

He also claimed that after taking the car, the gospel musician stopped attending Badu Kobi’s church.
The then rained curses on Omane, saying he would be involved in an accident with the car.

However, responding to the actor’s statement, Nicholas said Mr. Beautiful should not be taken serious.

“I know Mr. Beautiful as a comedian, you understand. So for a comedian to meddle in spiritual matters, he doesn’t know church administration,” he said.

He said it takes an unwise person to be snitching about him, stressing that Mr. Beautiful is a very bad person.

Omane Acheampong who was not happy about Mr. Beautiful’s utterances about him about a year ago said that: “he’ll soon be struck down by a tree if continues with his bad attitude.”

Omane Acheampong who is recently out with a new song titled ‘Adaka,’ Beautiful’s attitude has marred the relationship between him and Rev. Badu Kobi.

He explained that he never passed any bad comments on the car that was given to him by the man of God.

He said, he only sought permission from Badu Kobi to sell the car to buy another one.

Even though he is currently a member of Owusu Bempah’s church (Glorious Word Ministry), he said he was planning to go back to his ‘father’ Rev. Emmanuel Badu Kobi.




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