Ms Forson Should Shut Up, I Clothed And Fed Her – Angry Bullet Fires

Ms Forson Should Shut Up, I Clothed And Fed Her – Angry Bullet Fires

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he Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, otherwise known as Bullet, has given a vivid account on Ms Forson’s $50,000 claim.

His reaction follows a statement made by his former artiste, Ms Forson revealing in an interview how he [Bullet] asked her to provide $50,000 to finance her projects.

But speaking with Zion Felix via a phone interview, Bullet denied requesting $50,000 from Ms Forson personally.

According to him, the 50, 000 dollars became a subject after he found out that Ms Forson was a married woman with a child.

Bullet said he then asked her husband to sign an agreement that he will allow his wife to be available any time that she is needed by the label but he failed to sign.

On Ms Forson’s husband failure to sign the agreement, Bullet was afraid to risk his investment so he asked the man to make available $50,000 to help push his wife.

Bullet noted he as the CEO was willing to add $50,000 to what Ms Forson’s husband would’ve provided.

The Rufftown Records CEO stressed that he knew Forson didn’t have that money not to even talk about $1000.

Despite the husband of Ms Forson’s inability to show commitment by providing the $50,000 requested, Bullet disclosed using his own money to record the songstress, feed her, pay transportation and buy clothes for her.

Bullet also recounted changing her name from D4 to Ms Forson.

He advised Ms Forson to focus on producing good songs, back it with prayers and stop using his name to get attention.




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