My Daughter’s Paedophile Will Regret, I’ll Deal With Him Drastically! – Reggie Rockstone Swears

My Daughter’s Paedophile Will Regret, I’ll Deal With Him Drastically! – Reggie Rockstone Swears

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Ghanaian rap legend, Reggie Rockstone has sworn to deal mercilessly with a social media troll who made an offensive remark about his daughter.

It could be recalled that Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, in one of his social media outbursts, months ago took a swipe at Reggie Rockstone claiming he (Reggie) has not done any good thing for Hiplife musicians in the country.

The dancehall artiste opined that Reggie Rockstone is only enjoying the title ”Grandpapa of Hiplife” but has nothing to his credit as the originator of Hiplife in Ghana.

Shatta Wale further lambasted Reggie Rockstone saying, at his old age, he still lives in his father’s house.

Although Reggie Rockstone maintained a good composure following the rant and rave by the dancehall artiste and used his Instagram to make things clear to music lovers and his followers, he however went haywire in one of his series of videos which stunned most of his followers and Ghanaians at large.

With many people wondering what was worrying the grandpapa of Hiplife, the facts became clear that a certain social media troll had made a post on twitter to have a gang sex with Reggie Rockstone‘s six-year daughter and the father of the adorable daughter wasn’t taking the tweet lightly at all.

Publicly displaying the paedophiles pictures, he swore to pounce on him and slit his scrotum.

Reggie Rockstone, in an interview with Nkonkonsa, promised he hasn’t given up his hunt for the paedophile, stressing he will surely make him regret picking on his daughter.

”I’m not an ordinary guy. The child’s grandfather is an Ex-President of the country. He’s not just a common person. And you look at his father too, [you know] I’m from a prominent family. You can’t talk rubbish like that”, he said painfully.

Reggie however rendered an apology to Ghanaians for the unsavory statements he made in his episode of anger.

”In the history of Reggie Rockstone, I think that will be the first time in the history of Reggie Rockstone in Ghana, West Africa to be precise, that I was angry. I don’t get angry. And I’d like to take this time out to apologize to all who were offended by my language. But for a man to write that you would like to have gang sex with my 6-year old daughter was the worst thing ever. I don’t care whether he is an SM fan or standing fan or fan milk…I’m gonna deal with him like I promised.”

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