My first 3 Performances Were A Disaster – E.L

My first 3 Performances Were A Disaster – E.L

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Ghanaian rapper and producer E.L has revealed how much of a catastrophe his first 3 performances were when he started doing music.

According to the award-winning musician, his life has always been like a roller coaster and he never really thought he will be doing music.

“I never imagined myself performing on stage. It was Jayso who found out that I could actually write and do music then he pushed me and insisted that I go for it” he said.

Sharing his experience with Rev Erskine on Y 107.9 FM’s Myd Morning Radio Show he said, “Jayso actually pushed me to perform in public. My first performance was at the National Theatre and it was a complete disaster, the second and third were also disasters”.

He stated that he was laughed at and bullied until he went off the stage.

E.L furthered that, “it wasn’t really my speed until I made a conscious decision that this was what I really wanted to do and that was at a show that I did which also went really bad and after the show, I sat in my car and decided to take this seriously”.

He advised upcoming artistes to, “Stay true to who you really are because people will always tell you how to do it even when they’ve never done it. So if you have a dream, just stick to that dream and don’t get derailed by anybody’s opinion or negative advise”.

Source: e.TV Ghana



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