Nadia Buari shares photo of twins

Nadia Buari shares photo of twins

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Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has shared a photograph of her twins – both girls – ten months after they were born.

The actress delivered the twins in the United States and after teasing her fans and the media, she has finally shown full images of her kids.

In March this year, she broke her long silence on the huge public debate generated by the delivery by posting a note on photo sharing site Instagram.

She said, “how wonderful it is to feel cheered by one’s loved ones! My heart throbs and thrives in joy by the much love you all have shown me and my little angels. We are eternally grateful. May my joy of the moment become your moment of joy as we enjoy this moment of God’s blessing together. To God, to you and all who think forward, love you immensely. Kisses. Love, N.S.B”.




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