New Name, Mask Off!! MTN HITMAKER 9 Wnner Adepa, Is Now ‘Adepa Zela’

New Name, Mask Off!! MTN HITMAKER 9 Wnner Adepa, Is Now ‘Adepa Zela’

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Adepa, the first ever gospel winner of MTN hitmaker has released her first cover video which is a mash up of Cindy Thompson’s “Anwanwa Do” and Mercy Chinwo’s “Excess Love”. The sensational female singer who was known throughout the hitmaker competition as Adepa (Lady with the mask), has not only revealed her real identity in her cover video, but also changed her name to Adepa Zela. Zela, which biblically connotes to “Jerusalem or Zion “ undoubtedly compliments her previously used ‘twi’ stage name Adepa, literally meaning “something good” or “a good thing”.

Adepa Zela – the all beautiful, very talented and extremely multi-faceted urban Gospel artiste – per her new brand name appears to drive home the simple notion that, ‘A good thing has indeed emanated from Jerusalem’. More so, her choice of being an urban gospel music or a gospel fusion artiste does not in any way limit her expression in any other genre of music as long as the core message of the song still ties into the gospel. Adepa Zela promises to churn out super sensational gospel songs for Ghanaians to simply enjoy and celebrate God’s goodness, just as her name stands for.

The journey of Adepa Zela during the Hitmaker competition was an interesting one to watch, as week upon week she challenged herself to perform a completely different genre, proving to herself, the judges and the general public that she was versatile and could ace any task given her with ease. Adepa Zela, being the first ever gospel performer to win the MTN Hitmaker was not just a historic feat but an amazingly surreal one for her too, as this was her third attempt at the hitmaker competition. She bears the story of a young passionate girl whose dreams of pursuing her music were strained by many incidences around her, even at an early age and almost gave it up as a result.

She struggled on her own singing from band to band at a variety of shows and occasions to work hard on enhancing her craft. Finally, representing Ghana to as far as the finals in Project Fame West Africa gave her the jump start she needed to do this one more time – but this time, with more drive, intensity, attitude and flaming passion.

Word has it that she currently is working on her maiden hit song which will be hitting the market in March this year. In the mean time however, we have been so blessed by her love mash-up of Cindy Thompson’s “Anwanwa Do” and Mercy Chinwo’s “Excess Love”, which she warmly gifted to us all on Valentine’s Day. The love mash-up, which features “The Manifest’ A cappella group, is indeed a refreshing reminder of God’s undying love for us all (Simply tap to enjoy

It is rumoured that Adepa Zela is also an amazing stage actress who has featured in a number of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Production’s shows – which include ‘Not my Husband’, ‘God you are Fired’, ‘Final Warning’, just to name a few. Truth be told, Adepa Zela’s wide range of artistry defines a prospectively very high order of creativity and such premium versatility that isn’t very common in Ghana. Simply put, she hold prospects of a very promising music career if she simply keeps going at this pace. Well, after flawlessly conquering the MTN Hitmaker stage, the whole world now awaits ‘Adepa Zela’, to simply blow us away with her craft.

Regardless of being the newest personality on the Ghana music entertainment scene, Adepa Zela with her super stage performance vibe, her sensational voice and her stunning look, definitely positions her as one typical artiste to look out for in the course of 2021.

With her unique approach of urban Gospel music, she gradually emerges as one of the all new favourite gospel performers in Ghana. Her Valentine’s day love mashup cover for example, combined both 6/8 and 4/4 time signatures with skilfully thought-through transitions that made the musical flow and progression of the cover unpredictable yet super refreshing. Well, more than clearly, it seems with the newly branded ‘Adepa Zela’ there’s always going to be a tiny little expectation of the unexpected in her music. Ah well, we we live to see. She promises her very first hit single this March will be coming with an exciting and super electrifying twist. Stay tuned!



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