‘Next Movie Star Reality Show did nothing for me’- Martha Ankomah

‘Next Movie Star Reality Show did nothing for me’- Martha Ankomah

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In her salon at Tesano, one of Ghana’s best actresses opens up about many years on the acting path, the highs and the lows of life and the beauty of aspiring and making it.

When I arrived at her salon she warmly welcomed me with a broad smile similar to the smile she portrays in her movies when she meets a new guy. “Good to see you” she says as she ushers me into a sitting area in the plush salon-Martha’s Place Beauty Salon.

Late last year, Martha Ankomah landed a contract to become the face of an international beverage brand, Vitamilk Viora. What strikes me most about her alluring personality is that she looks really calm unlike the “hard girl” nature she portrays in her movies. Throughout our interview, she sounded very religious as she answered each question by first talking about the grace of God.

PAM: Can you take me through schools you have attended?

MARTHA: I completed Adabraka Presbyterian Junior High School. Then I attended Labone Senior High School and finally Jayee University College where I did Marketing as a course.

PAM: How did Acting start for you?

MARTHA: I was introduced into acting by a cousin at a very tender age. This cousin of mine called Harry Amonoo took me to the National Theatre in 1994 there about where I joined the Harrisco Drama Group and started stage drama in Funworld and Kiddafest. When I went to Senior High School I also joined the Theatre Programme for Schools (TPS), where we were doing stage drama for Senior High Schools. After the stage drama, I started doing series like St. James Hotel, Where is your Mobile? All that glitters, Suncity and others. Acting became something that I was developing a passion for so whenever I heard of any auditions I go and try my luck.

PAM: You were in the reality show Next Movie Star and you emerged the second runner up. How did you do it?

MARTHA: It was just by the grace of God and my talent that helped me pull through. I was in my first year in the university when I entered the reality show.

PAM: Did Next Movie Star reality show catapult you to fame?

MARTHA: Next Movie Star didn’t do much for me but you get to meet different kinds of people and also learn from the directors who came to train us. When you come from Next Movie Star, It does not make you a star. You still have to go for auditions. That’s what people don’t realize. Do not think that because you have been on TV for 30 days you are there, forget it! It’s just the grace of God.

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