‘Next Year You Will Give Birth’ – Selly’s Cyberbully Renders Apology

‘Next Year You Will Give Birth’ – Selly’s Cyberbully Renders Apology

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Having been hit with generational curses amidst public backlash, Henewaa_piesie2, an Instagram user who labelled actress and television host, Selly Galley-Fiawoo a “barren woman” has come out to apologize.

On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, Selly took to her Instagram page to lament how Henewaa_piesie2 has been stalking her on Instagram and writing abusive comments about her.

Sharing one of such comments under a picture she had shared on her page, the said henewaa_piesie2 wrote, “horror face n (and) barren woman”.

Infuriated by the cyberbully, Selly went on a tirade invoking generational curses on the lady.

“For these ignorant words of insults that came out of your mouth to me, seeking to cause me pain and unhappiness for absolutely nothing I’ve done to you or your family… I say to you this Wednesday noon of October 14, 2020, that you will not live to prosper and be happy. You will have a lifetime of bad luck and depression. Everything you touch, say or do will bring unexplainable misery to you. Your generation will pass on the curse of infertility, unhappiness, madness and misery I call upon you this day. May your business go from bad to worse,” portions of her post read.

The reactions did not end there as other Instagram users took to the comment section to lambast the lady for her insensitive comment.

Following the backlash, henewaa_piesie2 went on her Instagram page to apologize to Selly saying it wasn’t her intention to hurt her (Selly) or her family. 

She indulged Selly to find a place in her heart to forgive her adding that “God willing next year you will give birth.”


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