Nigerians See Ghanaians As intelligent, They Are Afraid Of Us – Prince David Osei

Nigerians See Ghanaians As intelligent, They Are Afraid Of Us – Prince David Osei

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Actor Prince David Osei has revealed that Nigerians revere Ghanaian talents so much that whenever they meet, Nigerians tend to be afraid.

According to him, Nigerians value Ghanaian talents such that they believe the latter is more intelligent.

Despite this reverence, Prince David Osei says the reason Ghana sometimes lag behind is that “Nigerians are naturally aggressive towards success.”

“They will do anything to succeed,” he said in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty.

“In Ghana, we don’t really appreciate our own and support our own…If we celebrate our people and appreciate what God has given to this nation, it will go a long way to encourage people to go beyond being a star in Ghana and looking beyond,” Prince David Osei said.

He noted that Nigerians are making an impact globally because “they celebrate each other, they love their own.”

The actor, who said he had his break in Nigeria with the series ‘About to Wed’, was of the view that, “there are a lot of great talents in Ghana” but they are not given the needed opportunity.

Asked if Nigerians recognise Ghanaian talents, the actor responded that, “they adore Ghanaian talents and they appreciate us so much.”

“When we meet head-to-head, they are afraid, they go like Ghanaians are intelligent, Ghanaians speak well…and some of them will love to come and live in Ghana…”

Prince David Osei revealed that “To them, it’s a big deal to come and film in Ghana with Ghanaian actors and actresses…in as much as they love their people, they don’t condemn their people.”

“The bottom line is we should learn to love each other,” he advised.




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