Okay Fm to Introduce “Who is this” Competition

Okay Fm to Introduce “Who is this” Competition

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Currently there are several radio stations evolving in the country, making it easier for one to switch to another frequency at any given time. The frequent change of channels is as a result of the lack of contents by the radio stations.

A radio station can genuinely win the hearts of its listeners to stay glued, by providing them with unique contents, hosted by professional presenters which also requires the listeners to get involved.Okay

But what do we see in our country now? most of them are of the same contents, compelling listeners to ramble among the numerous radio stations in search of unique and interesting contents.

That moment will forever be a thing of the past with the introduction of ‘Who is this?’ – a brand new radio voice identification program yet to be introduced on the ‘Drive Time’ on Okay FM, the most listened to local radio station in Accra .

The yet to be aired program is unique in content, involves its listeners as part of the program and hosted by a renowned broadcaster with over eighteen years of experience in radio – Dr. Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey aka Abeiku Santana.

‘Who is this?’ is a voice identification competition to test how fast listeners can recall a personality’s voice and the occasion at which the personality spoke.

The matchless competition, will play voices of popular personalities whose comment or speech on a subject went viral for saying something either positive or negative for listeners to identify the name of the personality and the event or topic the personality commented on.

Voices of high profile dignitaries in politics, religion, entertainment and to the average Ghanaian who made his name through a comment or interview.

A winner, at the end of each segment of the competition would be selected to compete at the final stage. The overall champion would be pampered like a new born baby at the Oak Plaza Hotel with loads of giveaways.  

To compete in ‘Who is this?’ challenge, interested persons must send his full name and short profile to Whatsapp number – 0243409393.






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