Okyeame Kwame Urges Ghanaians To Lead Development Agenda

Okyeame Kwame Urges Ghanaians To Lead Development Agenda

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Okyeame Kwame has urged Ghanaians to fix their communal problems rather than wait on politicians to solve them.

According to him, inhabitants of a community must take the first step in the development agenda before they can demand the same from politicians.

The artiste, in an interview on Joy Prime, explained that all the 30 million Ghanaians cannot remain dependent on the 275 members of Parliament to fulfil every developmental wish they have.

“If we are going to wait for 1000 people, MPs with DCEs, civil servants and co, to take the wheel for all 30 million of us, without us helping them to mould the country, Ghana would never develop,” he stated.

Okyeame Kwame said that it would be much easier for the population to begin the development agenda because that will in turn force leaders to bend to their will.

“If we as citizens decide to clean the gutters, activate the World Health Days, treat people with respect, go to meetings on time then we can demand from our politicians to also do the same for us,” he stated.

The ‘Made in Ghana’ hitmaker added that “I think that we do not have to wait. I believe in citizen action.”

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