PHOTOS: Music Distribution Platform “DistroPlug” Officially Launched In Ghana

PHOTOS: Music Distribution Platform “DistroPlug” Officially Launched In Ghana

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Music distribution Platform Distroplug was launched yesterday inside Kikibees Restaurant pub/lounge. The event saw lots of media houses present on the day to witness the humbling occassion and official unveiling.

The website is an extra platform for musicians to make some extra revenue for themselves and their label and in the process getting their music heard across the world as the “Distroplug” platforms ensures distribution of the music in the form of singles, EPs, Mixtapes and albums is evenly done.

Here’s all you need to know about distroplug;


The Distro Plug brand is a music distribution platform formed by Bunna Empire. Bunna Empire boots a team of professional music consultants servicemen and skill individuals with practical knowledge and experience in offering major music business enterprise solutions. We pride ourselves in the ability to fabricate construction-oriented solutions by solving complex music business problem through skills, knowledge, and a tested hand and approach as dispensed by individuals. The Distro Plug was created to solve the problem of music distribution from the African continent and more exposure of the underground music community to digital stores for and in turn generate more income to boost their careers further and a more affordable way to promote. This document was developed to help us work together to build consistent brand communication materials which will help to faster the Distro Plug’s reputation in Africa.


To expand the reach of African music creators.


The Distro Plug is to offer cutting-edge music distribution and the right to be head tailored to favor the independent African musician, record label or anyone creating any style of music, We empower artists, labels and managers to reach a worldwide audience and maximize their music sales, revenue and access the tools they need to grow and sustain their careers without surrounding their independence.


The Distro Plug delivers music to retailers and music stores across the world with no annual fee unlike most foreign distributors, we offer affordable distribution also to make it easier for every hardworking artiste to get their songs into digital stores. Songs are distributed on the website for as low as $1.99 per single and $4.99 per album with 100% returns in royalties.

We also offer free music distribution for artist with quality materials who can’t afford the price of distribution. A net income of 80% is made after sales with the Distro plug taking 20%.


Distro Plug is the easiest way for musicians sell and stream their music everywhere . Independent Artist, manager and record label owners can to get their music into over a 100+digital music stores including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play. Shazam and more. Upload as much as you want for an affordable fee and keep 100% of their royalties. Distro Plug offers Spotify playlist and Youtube monetization.

We don’t believe the African musician should be punished for being successful. That’s why we never take a percentage of your sales and streaming revenue, no matter your earnings.. We are transparent and here to define the art of music distribution. We believe in empowering every artist with the tools and knowledge they need to find to grow their creative product. We would grow the platform more and discover way and how to keep growing every musician fan base.

See photos from the event below…



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