Please Leave Me Out Of Captain Smart’s Tonga Business – Adom FM’s Afia Pokua Cries

Please Leave Me Out Of Captain Smart’s Tonga Business – Adom FM’s Afia Pokua Cries

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Celebrated radio presenter at Accra-based Adom FM, Afia Pokua, also known as Vim Lady has called on Ghanaians to stop bothering her with issues concerning the marriage of another presenter at her station, Captain Smart.

Vim Lady who is also the News Editor of the Akan speaking station in a post on her Facebook Wall expressed her displeasure at numerous calls and voice notes to her phone attacking her over the collapsed marriage of the colleague.

She has for the past years been lamenting over the issue as according to her, many people think she was the one who was married to the controversial Morning Show host of the station.

Captain Smart’s Marriage

Captain Smart a few years ago got married to a Belgium-based Ghanaian lady also called Afia Pokua.

The Morning Show host made noise about his marriage several times causing most listeners of the station to think that he had gotten married to his colleague, Afia Pokua (Vim Lady).

Months after the marriage, another Ghanaian known as Mr. Murphy who was also based in Belgium came out to say that Afia Pokua was his wife and had two children with her.

Murphy claimed at the time that he was married to Afia Pokua for 18 years and they have two kids – 17 and 12 years together.

He also said that, he worked hard and spent a lot of money to bring Afia Pokua to Belgium when they got married only to be snatched away from him at a time he is at his lowest.

This year (2018), Captain Smart announced that he had divorced his wife, Afia Pokua and was set to marry another lady who is suspected to be based in the United States.

After proposing to his new lover, Captain Smart explained in an interview with Kofi Adomah why he broke up with Afia Pokuaa.

According to the Multimedia Group employee, he was tired of the controversy surrounding his marriage to Pokua.

And Captain Smart is not obviously the only one tired of being called names as his colleague, Afia Pokua (VIM LADY) is equally tired of being tagged Captain Smart’s wife.

She therefore took to her Facebook wall to issue a disclaimer.

She further warned her colleague, Captain Smart to come out and confess to the whole world that she, Afia Pokua (Vim Lady) is not his divorced wife.

A copy of the disclaimer has been produced below:

“This is Vim Lady and Captain Smart. I am tired of the curses, voice notes and the insults directed at me because many people think i am Captain Smart’s wife.

I beg you, people, leave me out of Captain’s tonga business.

And Captain Smart, please, i have built the name Afia Pokua for over 10years, long before you joined us at Adom fm.

Please tell the world i am not YOUR DIVORCED WIFE na mabre ne curses no. If you do not do this disclaimer, I WILL GO ALL OUT. I BEG YOU PAAAAA

I have not killed anyone, nor abandoned my family as very GOOD people believe just because you decided to make your choices. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON”

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