Pope Skinny Hits Out At Guru…Says He’s Too Greedy

Pope Skinny Hits Out At Guru…Says He’s Too Greedy

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Ghanaian rapper who is currently the road manager for Shatta Wale, Pope Skinny has detailed what brought about his ‘beef’ with rapper Guru. The Akuapem rapper in his recent interview on Hitz FM explaining his ten months old Facebook post which claimed that Guru was stealing songs and making hits out of them revealed that the “Lapaz Toyota” hitmaker is greedy.

I don’t have any problems with Guru. Pope said on Hitz FM. “We were good friends until I realized that he was a greedy guy. I also realized left to him, he will be the only one eating. He wasn’t my close friend. Guru is my son. I started music in 2002, Guru just started music. Guru calls me father. When I was in JSS 2 I was a hit record with Buk Bak. That was in 2003, Guru had not wrote his first rap yet.

“Now, I’m not cool with him but after the issue we haven’t met, if we meet because we are boys, we will put things aside and exchange pleasantries but we haven’t met yet. I have met his management and they explained the reason why he did what he did but I got to realize from the explanation that Guru wasn’t real.”

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