Popular Actor Narrates How He Lived With A Ghost For 3 Months

Popular Actor Narrates How He Lived With A Ghost For 3 Months

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Popular Ghanaian-born Nollywood actor, Emmanuel France, has disclosed that he lived with a ghost for three months during his childhood.

The actor, who recounted his experience with the said ghost, indicated that the person who was known to have died visited them in Nigeria from Ghana.

According to Emmanuel France, he knew the person way back when the country was known as Gold Coast (now Ghana).

He added that the ghost, while spending time with them in Nigeria, even carried him in his arms one time.

“A ghost came from Accra and came and live with us for three months, and that ghost carried me,” the actor recounted.

The award-winning actor said the person who visited them had been declared dead long before his visit to Nigeria.

Emmanuel France said the last time he saw the ghost was when it was announced that another person was coming to visit them from Ghana.

The said ghost, according to the actor, woke up early on the day the second person from Ghana was to arrive and packed his stuff and left. “It’s not a story, it’s the truth.

“The day the man (the ghost) knew somebody was coming from the Gold Coast (Ghana), early in the morning, around 3 am or 4 am he said he was leaving… it was a bit surprising,” France disclosed.

It is not a strange phenomenon when people claim to have seen a dead person.

There have been stories of dead people appearing to family members they love dearly for the last time after their death.

Emmanuel France, though a Ghanaian, has lived most of his life in Nigeria and has carved a niche for himself as Nollywood’s top actors and also prides himself among the most respected entertainers in the country.

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