Praye Urges Groups That Have Split Up To Reunite

Praye Urges Groups That Have Split Up To Reunite

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Having experienced first hand the negative effects of a break up, reunited Hiplife group, Praye are appealing to groups that have split up to come back together.

Praye broke up for seven years with the members, Kente (Praye Tenten), Choirmaster (Praye Honeho) and Cartel Big J (Praye Tietia), and although they pursued solo careers, they were unable to experience that success they enjoyed as a group.

They finally reunited this year, using the Ghana Music Awards to announce that they were back together and on Friday, October 12, Praye officially launched three songs, ‘Disco Light’, ‘Adesua’ and ‘Gban Gbai’ on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo morning show.

On the back of some positive reviews they have already received for the songs, Praye Tietia told Showbiz there is strength in unity so other groups should emulate the decision they have taken.

“I want to use this occasion to tell other groups which have gone solo to bury their pride and settle their differences. I’m making the call to the likes of Dobble and 4X4 to come together. I know that 4X4 hasn’t officially announced that they have gone their separate ways but in reality, they are not together as a group.

“That trick of we are pursuing solo projects has always been the best to use when a group breaks up and I know for sure that 4X4 isn’t a group anymore. Our reunion should send a message of unity to them that there is strength in togetherness than individual interests,” he said.

According to Praye, their latest songs are great tunes to celebrate this year’s Christmas festivities.

“Christmas is coming so we need something to get the people on their dancing feet. We are coming with the songs. We call it the Christmas package,” Choirmaster said.

During the interview, the group, known for songs such as Angelina, Shordy, Wodin and Wonkoaa, also disclosed that their desired comeback became a reality due to their hunger to feed the public with authentic Ghanaian music.




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