PRESS RELEASE: Mzbel denies ‘Girl Talk Concert, Becca’ comments

PRESS RELEASE: Mzbel denies ‘Girl Talk Concert, Becca’ comments

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It has come to the attention of the Management team of the artist Nana Ekua Amoah known in entertainment circles as MZBEL, the misleading headline Girl Talk Concert will be much better without Becca – Mzbel attributed to our artist and first published by and further reproduced on other website and blogs.

It will be recalled that in the morning of Thursday 19th November 2015, our artiste did grant an interview to Pluzz FM’s Showbiz morning show conducted by the host Sammy Flex. At no point in the interview did our artiste blatantly claim that the Girl Talk Concert will be much better without Becca.

In answering a question to what the expectations of all and sundry should be, Mzbel answered saying, “the show is going to fly definitely because it is the same team that was behind Becca that is behind this so I think they will use the same strategy or whatever it is to make it fly”.

It comes to us as a shock the vile reporting on the part of the writer, in particular reference to such headline. Even though the writer, a staff of, does not allude to the misleading headline in his write up, he still found it prudent to name the article as such.

We hereby express our unreserved resentment over such kind of reporting which we consider unprofessional, derogatory and above all, misleading. We believe this is a calculated attempt to drag our acts name into the mud and to sow seeds of bad blood between the Mzbel and Becca camps.

Such action comes across to us as a deliberate attempt to drive traffic to the said website without consideration for how important it is to protect the integrity of the profession to which same subscribes.

The hallmark of a true journalist/reporter/blogger should be his/her unflinching commitment to the pursuit of truth.

We believe that it is appropriate that the said website/writer makes a retraction of the said article, assign the appropriate headline and render an unqualified apology to our artiste, Mzbel.

The voice recording from the said interview is available at Pluzz FM, the station that conducted same. We suggest that it will be appropriate that the writer gets a copy of the recording in order to make do a proper analysis of the interview so as to report appropriately.

Going forward, it is imperative that all reporters/writers/bloggers submit themselves to discipline, reporting that which is truth and not opinions or skewed commentary. Thank you.




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