Prophet Nigel Gaisie Slept With Nana Romeo’s Wife – Former Junior Pastor Alleges

Prophet Nigel Gaisie Slept With Nana Romeo’s Wife – Former Junior Pastor Alleges

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A few days ago, controversial comedienne and TV host, Afia Schwarzenegger, dared radio presenter Nana Romeo to tell Ghanaians what Nigel Gaisie did to his wife.

She alleged that the renowned prophet of God might have had an affair with the presenter’s wife, hence the ‘bad blood’ between the two former buddies.

“Nana Romeo, after all is said and done, come and explain to Ghanaians why you don’t speak to Nigel Gaisie anymore, Prophet Nigel Gaisie what did he do to your wife? Yes, we also have facts, we warned you, you didn’t listen, you see your stubbornness?

“What did Nigel Gaisie do to your wife? Didn’t you and he sit in an interview and claimed you killed Ebony? Why are you two no longer friends? Nana Romeo, come and explain yourself,” Afia Schwarzenegger said in a video available to GhanaWeb.

Now, a former Junior Pastor of Nigel Gaisie, one Kakra Essiam has recalled how Accra FM‘s Nana Romeo lost his wife to the sweet tongue of Nigel Gaisie as speculated by Afia Schwarzenegger.

According to him, Nana Romeo made Nigel Gaisie his Godfather and therefore opened up to him on his personal issues including his relationships

Nana Romeo trusting Nigel Gaisie introduced his wife to the prophet, with the hope that he will help them in counseling and prayers when the need arises.

Nigel Gaisie on the other hand couldn’t control himself and therefore slept with her only a few days after the introduction was done. To add insult to injury, Kakra claimed, Nigel Gaisie after sleeping with the lady snatched her from Romeo.

“Nana Romeo made Nigel popular when Ebony Reigns died. He broadcasted the video and got people to also share the videos. He made Nigel Gaisie his Godfather and introduced his wife to him but after a few days, Nigel slept with Nana Romeo’s wife and that led to a rift between him and Nigel Gaisie.”

Kakra Essiam made these revelations on Net 2 TV’s The Seat show, monitored by GhanaWeb. Kakra Essiam revealed that Nana Romeo has not spoken to the prophet again since the incident.

Ghanaweb cannot independently confirm the allegations made by Afia Schwarzenegger and Kakra Essiam.




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