SAFARI by SK Cosmetics promises ‘goodies’ on the  Efya Girl Talk Concert night

SAFARI by SK Cosmetics promises ‘goodies’ on the Efya Girl Talk Concert night

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With just few days to the much anticipated EFYA GIRL TALK Concert, organizers and fans alike

across the country can be sure of a brilliant night to come.

In the same vein towards a successful climax, there have been a beautiful Fair, one-on-one with Berla on

her Barbecue spree and a Fashion show to kick off the annual festival of all girls gathering; and we can

say that come the 18th of December, 2015, at the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana, it promises to be a

‘gingam’ showdown.

Just as everyone is expecting a successful night, SAFARI by SK cosmetics, one of the delighted

sponsors of the show is not just envisaging a ‘good evening’, but they are promising ladies on the night

‘goodies’ that will spark off a worthwhile Merry Christmas in advance.

For those who might still be wondering what the brand is all about; it is a cosmetic brand which is simply

formulated with precious emollients and the freshest organic botanicals. Its products are delectably

indulgent and their lotions are deliciously fragranced – certainly every woman’s hush-hush to a

continuous anti-ageing cum brightening rich skin hydration. Its brand is infused with an uplifting

combination of natural oils to give you a luxurious sensation for the modern woman.

SAFARI by SK cosmetics promises to create a flawless ambience on the night with nature’s luxury

skincare for all our female attendees.



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