“Samad Davis played a vital role in my success story”- Umar Krupp Makes Revelation

“Samad Davis played a vital role in my success story”- Umar Krupp Makes Revelation

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One of Ghana’s talented actor and young producers Umar Krupp has said Hollywood’s Director Samad Davis had played a vital role in his success story.

Umar Krupp who had the privilege of meeting Samad Davis in 2011 at the TV reality show ” spirited Actor” which took place in the United State of America described him as a father, brother, uncle and a career coach.

In an exclusive interview with kelvinfnk of www.swaggofafrica.com Umar said Samad Davis has always been a great pillar and support to him during and after the reality show. According to him, after the reality show Samad has linked him to renowned directors such as Leila Djansi and Ifeanyi Iyabor from Nigeria among others.


Umar commended his words of encouragement to him ” His words of encouragement really brought me this far, he picked me from nothing and made me a star, at the age of 22 i have a career of my own all thanks to Samad Davies” he added.

Samad Davis the director behind the Hollywood blockbuster movie ” Two can play the game” and also the executive producer and director for the 2011 TV reality show ” spirited actor” The search for Africa’s first Hollywood star which saw Umar taking the third poison.


There is no doubt that the spirited actor really gave Umar a push in the movie industry and has made him an example to many young people. In 2013 he was nominated for the Golden Movie awards in Texas as the Best supporting Actor, he won the youngest film maker in Africa awards in South Africa. In 2014 he got the award for Best supporting Actor by city people awards in Nigeria.

This year 2015 won Best Actor pan African cinema awards his also been nominated for best supporting actor African youth choice awards and Best model actor for BMA stars awards in London.


Umar has couple of blockbuster movies to his records some of which he produced himself. From the look of things Hollywood is indeed the next step for Umar , his confidence that in the next 2 to 3 years he will be going to Hollywood.




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