Sarkodie Faults Fans, Media For Strongman Sarkcess Sign Out

Sarkodie Faults Fans, Media For Strongman Sarkcess Sign Out

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Rapper, Sarkodie has revealed the fans and media played a role in Strongman’s exit from Sarkcess Music.

According to Sarkodie, fans and media measured the work of Strongman by what he (Sarkodie) could do taking away the art and focus from the young rapper.

“He is having a million views on his videos but that is overlooked. They talk about the fact that Sarkodie should do more, so it takes away the art,” he said on Showbiz A-Z, on Saturday.

Music label SarkCess Music and rapper Strongman parted ways in April.

Although the record label owned by Sarkodie signed the young talent in March 2017 with the aim of helping marketing his enormous talent, their journey came to an end just after two years.

Sarkodie said they could have renewed the deal but they chose to go their separate ways to give the young rapper the chance to grow without facing criticisms from the public just because, he is with Sarkcess Music.

He stated Strongman’s break out with Sarkcess can open opportunities that were not available for him when he was with the label.

“We did not continue just in case he has somebody that is interested, nothing will stop them,” Sarkodie told George Quaye, host of the show.

The ‘Advice’ rapper explained although the initial plan to grow Strongman’s brand, fans and numbers was manifested, the criticisms about him (Sarkodie) not doing enough, took the shine off the brand they were creating for the young artiste.

The Strongman brand will be given the chance to grow even more and anytime he does something, it is not linked to Sarkcess Music but the focus will be on him (Strongman) and his art, Sarkodie stated.

The ‘Can’t Let You Go’ hitmaker added, “on paper, we are over but nothing has changed between us, we are still doing what we were doing before.”




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