Sex Doesn’t Sell – Actress Jessica Larny

Sex Doesn’t Sell – Actress Jessica Larny

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Actress, model and tv personality, Jessica Naa Nuerkie Larnyoh popularly known as Colle, has already made up her mind on the widely held perception that sex sells.

For the twenty-four years old actress, she is not a rush to hit the limelight hence acting nude is way out of the question.

In an interview with Jay Foley and Jeremie on Live FM’s breakfast show LBC, she said; “ I will not act nude, not for anything in this world, for me I believe that whatever amount I will be given, that money will not last forever, it will definitely finish and then what do I have left.”

When asked what if she would reject a ten seconds 4 million dollars offer to act nude in a James Bond movie she answered; “it’s a big no, I cannot show my body like that.”


As to how the voluptuous and curvaceous lady feels when people doubt the naturality of her curves, she said; “I am not really out there like that so I am yet to experience something like that but one thing for sure, the curves I have are real, I got it from my dad’s family.”

The Central University College graduate began her career as a model when she was 15 winning the first ever teen pageant in Ghana; Miss Teen Ghana which got her heavy media blitz.

She would later go ahead to set up the Phaze Modelling Agency. She’s currently the C.E.O of Walk-in Masseuse.

Jessica has starred in Bachelors, True Lies, Stalemate, I Do and the yet to be premiered movie The Table. She also has appeared in a number of TV series on TV. She’s acted in a number of webisodes as well.

As a video vixen, she’s worked with Eazzy, DBlack, Edem and MI.




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