Shatta Wale Endorses New “Rush Energy In Can”

Shatta Wale Endorses New “Rush Energy In Can”

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The newest energy drink in town which has been receiving positives responses from the Ghanaian populace amidst sabotage has reached a different level in their production.

Twellium Company Limited have finally produced the Rush Energy Drink In Can and you will be surprised by the second person to join Rudebwoy Ranking to endorse it.

It’s the Kakai and the Hol’ It hitmaker Shatta Wale doing us the honor here. Two musicians who understands the nature of their job, energy is needed to stay focused in the game and not lose balance. Rush Energy certainly works the magic for him and the new package of a can makes it very to access as well.

shaata endorses rush energy drink

You will have to find one in town yourself and have a look at it. The feeling is catching up and you need to join the flow as the dancehall champ is also doing so. The price is also very convenient for the pocket.



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