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Corporate executives and business leaders can now look forward to a refreshing Mid-week

break which will rejuvenate them to finish off their week with renewed drive and fresh

networking opportunity in one night.

The event dubbed CORPORATE WEDNESDAY, is pioneered by THE LINK GH, one of

Ghana’s leading and experienced players in the entertainment industry is set to create the most

conducive environment with an array of QUALITY entertainment for CEOs and the very busy

corporate executives both in Ghana and beyond to relax their minds, bodies and unwind to

revitalize for the rest of the week.

CORPORATE WEDNESDAY is set to be launched on Wednesday 26 th April, 2017 at Golden

Tulip Hotel, Accra. The long-awaited launch is anticipated to attract a host of professionals from

different fields who are ever ready to strike new acquaintances and new business opportunities.

The event will have amazing performances from Sherifa Gunu, Yaa Yaa, Ackah Blay and a host

of other seasoned musicians.


Speaking on the event, THE LINK GH team explains that the uniqueness of CORPORATE

WEDNESDAY is that, it will recruit over a100 artists every year, with 60% from Ghana, 20%

from other African countries and 20% from Europe/ America as the event is scheduled to happen

on the last Wednesday of every month.

CORPORATE WEDNESDAY also hopes to develop local talents by leveraging on the

experience of world acclaimed musicians who will be in Ghana to nurture and groom these local

acts. This they hope to achieve through some Master Class lessons.

American singer-songwriter and actress, who is also a two-time Grammy nominee, Kym

Mazelle is supporting CORPORATE WEDNESDAY with her expertise through

organized workshops. Kym is regarded as the pioneer of house music in the United

Kingdom. Her music combines R&B, soul, funk, house music, disco, and pop and she is

credited as "The First Lady of House Music".

Corporate Wednesday is a global brand with members in several countries across the globe-

Europe, Asia, Australia, America and Africa- the event gives opportunities for participants to

interact with senior business executives (CEO's) and find valuable ways to expand ones'

knowledge, create partnerships and meet potential clients.



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