Smoking Weed Before Hitting The Recording Studio Gives Me More Lyrics – Yaa Pono

Smoking Weed Before Hitting The Recording Studio Gives Me More Lyrics – Yaa Pono

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The hard truth is that most Ghanaians smoke and it’s their life. And if people have a weed buddy to smoke with, the experience could be a lot more interesting. But when a popular figure is seen to be overindulging in this act, it raises public concern considering the fact that they are role models for a lot of ignorant people.

Interestingly, apart from Kwaw Kese who was convicted for smoking weed not long ago, the rest, including Shatta Wale will deny ever smoking weed for fear that Ghana’s law could pick them up.

Regardless of the fact that Ghana’s law doesn’t give room for smoking, rapper Yaa Pono has gathered the momentum to tell the world that he smokes but for a reason. According to him, smoking weed is his major source of inspiration as it gives him more lyrics in the recording studio. For many, they smoke weed, just like CBD flower, to increase their creative side, as well as many more applications to consuming cannabis, if you consume cannabis freely for a specific desired effect, you might love to know the fact you can buy weed online if you’re a resident of legal country or state.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on yesterday, November 13, 2018 in the studios of Hitz FM, the Tema-based rapper made this known to a question posed by a listener via SMS if he smokes or not.

“My lyrical inspiration comes from smoking weed. I smoke heavily before I enter the studio but it’s not something I do daily. I only smoke when it’s time for recording,” Yaa Pono revealed.

It’s worth knowing that Yaa Pono isn’t the first musician to have posited that smoking gives lyrical inspiration. Renowned musicians like Joseph Culture Hill, Bob Marley, et al. have all made a similar statements in the past. This presupposes that there’s an iota of truth in Yaa Pono’s assertion.




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